Giant humans existed in ancient egypt
October 18, 2012

Hello, all guys ūüôā

I’m going to start my first post of my research about the lost history of giants in egypt.

Who am I? im an egyptian researcher whos looking to bring the truth out for the light, I’m an egyptian guy whos looking to unviel the truth about my early ancestors which were giant humans ,the real owner of ancient egyptian civilization.

The entire history of ancient egypt was made up and fabricated for sake of malicious aims from the western archaeologists.Simply,they run by jewish agenda,they did dedicate a faith world wide that ancient egyptian civilizations were pharaoh,while no discovery for the word pharaoh in whole ancient egypt, the ancient egyptians never called themselves pharaoh,never ever, there is a word created from two hieroglyphic letters spelled by english ” pr aa”,they created all lies around this word,its not rfered to any title of pharaoh at all,its them who delibately stick the pharaoh identification in ancient egypt,they mainly aimed to serve the jewish history so that it proves Pharaohs and jews both were in egypt attending this unique egyptian civilization.

the second aim which is very dangerous,Appearance of giant humans truth means ” total collapse for many aspects of biology sciences, Giants gonna¬†kill the evolution and darwinism at all”.

The third aim,they dont want to give the Islam religion any credits by archaeological evidence, Islam religion literally cleared out many points about the giants: The first humans on earth were giants and people were reduced in size of their stature from age to age untill Noah era, where people were in our size today, after Noah, Another mighty age of Giants got back, ALLAH/God did increase a nation named Aad people in their size,they became large giants and full of power, They were ranked through the Holy koran ” the strongest humans created on earth,they did build miracles not found in any land and that exactly meet the early ancient egyptian history which the archaeologists hide untill today”.

(Noble Koran 41:15) As¬† for¬† ‘Aad people ( the giant humans),¬†they¬† were¬† arrogant¬† upon¬† the¬† earth¬† without¬† right¬† and¬† said,¬† “Who¬† is¬† greater than¬† us¬† in¬† strength?”¬† Did¬† they¬† not¬† consider¬† that Allah who¬† created¬† them¬† was¬† greater than¬† them¬† in¬† strength?¬† But¬† they¬† were¬† rejecting¬† Our¬† signs“.

The giants of ancient egypt mostly did build everything to express their power and strength:

Sphinxes statues are symbol of strength.

The standing colossal statues with fist of hand are symbol of strength.

The depicted reliefs of Giants beat up smaller people in size, on the entrance of most gigantic egyptian buildings,its a symbol of strength, the strength that they were bragging about on the earth.


Archaeology became a matter of religious conflict.

Forbidden archaeology in ancient egypt untill today

The giant humans existed in ancient egypt

The real builders of ancient egyptian miracles, the pyramids,the obelisks,the gigantic palaces(they call it temples) were all Giant humans by height 3 to 12 meter tall, there were different size of giants in ancient egypt in the same age.

Any evidence of giant human fossils or skeletons in EGYPT?

Yes many discoveries but the archaeologists hide big accounts of it,only few things out of their control were shown as following:

15 feet giant human leg bone from egypt by Mr.Joe taylor,Its saved in american museum in texas ” mt blanco”

Here the website for it:

Image of two giant human skeletons which were unearthed in the sands of desert:

There are Giant human mummies in egypt too but hidden by the dishonest archaeologists,in the next posts, im gonna explain that Mummification is one of the biggest lies they created in egyptian history, The mummification actually was made by nature:

A stolen giant human finger of giant mummy from the graves around Giza pyramids, its 38 cm mummified finger for a mummy probably 5.5 meter tall:

The swiss guy who took these images for mummified giant finger

Images from German Newspaper:

Comparison between my finger and the giant finger, Look at the egyptian pound size: