Giant humans in Ancient egypt
November 21, 2012

Total evidences on the truth of early giant humans of ancient egypt, The real builders of pyramids.

Did giant humans really exist in ancient egypt? Yes So, bring us scientific proof ( thats how most people say) Since,there is big conspiracy by archaeologists and western scientists, we will never hear or see any scientific proof on the giants for some reasons.

The giants agianst Evolution…….The giants destroy evolution…..The giants go against the old western biology sciences regarding creation and origin of creatures.

Understand this point, that’s why the western world is fighting for, they kill the truth of giants for their false sciences which is forced upon all educational stages.its so sad that they kill their consciences and strongly fight for the falsehood.Soon,i will have an excellent article about Giants Vs Evolution.

The ancient egyptians did tell about their truth,which they were giants.

I run a big search in over 700 tombs and mastabas,pyramids’s arts..etc,I made sure that Giants are 100%, its the truth they hide untill now.

My research about giants in ancient egypt.

some images from ancient egypt about giant humans:


Some guys would rush to say ” these giant human portraits were depicted to represent the royal kings as great figure or making them as Gods” .Here, my answer for them the variety in arts can give us the answer.

Kings and royal family were not all represented as gigantic figure between servants and people, When you find a king in the same size of his servant and another king whos giant beside small servants,then The ancient egyptians were accurate about size of people, Giant portraits did 100% represent Giant humans from ancient egypt, its not figurative Here is some comparison made through My Research:


Complete proof of giants through the jewelry works:

People were making large necklaces for the giant kings and queens, here the proof:


Complete proof of giants through the construction works:


This is a part of my own research about the hidden truth of giants in ancient egypt

If you interested to show Giant human skeletons Egypt,here some images from my other article:

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