Forbidden history of Ancient egypt: Giant Animal Giant Birds
December 22, 2012

In the era of Giant humans in ancient egypt, They were Giant animals and birds as well, Logically to fit their age.

Some ancient arts explain this very well

Giant Wolf in ancient egypt:

giant wolf


Giant Horses in ancient egypt:



Giant cows in ancient egypt:

Ostrakon of a herdsman driving an ox117


giant cowj



the tomb of Iti_big_cowsde

the tomb of Iti_cows



Giant dogs in ancient egypt:

big dogs

Giant humans in ancient egypt



Giant birds:


giant birds in ancient egypt

giant birds in ancient egypt2

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Forbidden history of ancient egypt: The Giant humans
December 21, 2012

The forbidden history of giant humans in ancient egypt

…………………………………….The conspiracy………………………………… kill evolution_

An excellent work on the different arts of ancient egyptians, The giants truth is already told by ancient egyptians


Aad people

giant kings in ancient egypt



Ancient giants of egypt

Giant humans in Egypt

Giants of ancient egypt

Ancient giant humans in egypt egypt_4 egyptian Giants of egypt

Ancient giants in egypt

Giants in ancient egypt

ancient egypt secrets

Giant women in ancient egypt

The mystery behind these large blocks in ancient egypt ( its the Giant Humans work), A large stone to us todays was a normal stone for Giant people,they were full of strength

large blocks large blocks   Large blocks

Ancient egyptian large sarcophagus

Large tools used in ancient quarries, 100% it was work of Giant humans:

Evidence of giants in quarries

The method of lifting large stones in ancient egypt is recorded:

From the rekhmire tomb art: Pyramids construction 



lifting stones1

Giants build the pyramids





Evidence on this hidden truth of giant humans:

4 meter long Giant sarcophagus discovery they rushed to stick it under the name of king Merneptah ( son of ramses II) and create lot of lies about it, the whole history of ancient egypt is actually made up to fit an agenda. its measurements Length: about 4 meter. Width:  2.3 meter. height:  2.5 meter.

Why it was  huge sarcophagus and mystery? because this is sarcophagus belongs to An Egyptian Giant Human king.


The size of this sarcophagus is fit for giant people who probably were in size of 3.5 to 4 meter, Double of our size todays.

Look  at the arts of ancient egyptians, it tells it:

QM01-2581 023713ANC328568


47 inch Giant Human leg bone Taken from Egypt to Texas, Fossils museum (Mtblanco) by Mr.Joe Taylor:




Mummified Giant Human finger stolen from Graves around the giza pyramids, Follow the story from German newspaper Bild: 2,h=343_bildh



Giant human fingers print are found on some large stones in Abu sir area:



Large huge containers and basins are found:


abu sir rekhmire basinsaqh Huge diorite stones and pounders :




 People make large necklaces for Giant human giant:


necklace rek433


Large coffins from the old reports:



People lift large coffin of giant kings: art21 coffin comparison QM01-2833w21

More evidence on the Giants :

Ancient giant humans existed in Ancient egypt 100%

comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Deer animal:





comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Oryx animal:


giant people in egypt


evidence of giants in egypt


giant52 comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Cow animal:



Painted Wall Relief with Hieroglyphics and Cattle Offering Scene from Mastaba of Mereruka

ancient giants in egypt

giants truth

giants of ancient egypt

giant women in ancient egypt


God provided the giant people giant creatures to fit their ages, so we will find giant birds and animals are recorded on arts

giant birds in ancient egypt2


giants in ancient egypt


Giant humans in ancient egypt


100% The early ancient egyptians were giants,they were different in size. These giant humans of egypt had Giant Animals and Birds as well. People of our size existed in early ancient egypt along with them, The same with normal animals and birds,they existed with giant birds and animals as i will show in NEXT POST.

Regards, Muhammad

Giant humans in Ancient egypt
November 21, 2012

Total evidences on the truth of early giant humans of ancient egypt, The real builders of pyramids.

Did giant humans really exist in ancient egypt? Yes So, bring us scientific proof ( thats how most people say) Since,there is big conspiracy by archaeologists and western scientists, we will never hear or see any scientific proof on the giants for some reasons.

The giants agianst Evolution…….The giants destroy evolution…..The giants go against the old western biology sciences regarding creation and origin of creatures.

Understand this point, that’s why the western world is fighting for, they kill the truth of giants for their false sciences which is forced upon all educational stages.its so sad that they kill their consciences and strongly fight for the falsehood.Soon,i will have an excellent article about Giants Vs Evolution.

The ancient egyptians did tell about their truth,which they were giants.

I run a big search in over 700 tombs and mastabas,pyramids’s arts..etc,I made sure that Giants are 100%, its the truth they hide untill now.

My research about giants in ancient egypt.

some images from ancient egypt about giant humans:


Some guys would rush to say ” these giant human portraits were depicted to represent the royal kings as great figure or making them as Gods” .Here, my answer for them the variety in arts can give us the answer.

Kings and royal family were not all represented as gigantic figure between servants and people, When you find a king in the same size of his servant and another king whos giant beside small servants,then The ancient egyptians were accurate about size of people, Giant portraits did 100% represent Giant humans from ancient egypt, its not figurative Here is some comparison made through My Research:


Complete proof of giants through the jewelry works:

People were making large necklaces for the giant kings and queens, here the proof:


Complete proof of giants through the construction works:


This is a part of my own research about the hidden truth of giants in ancient egypt

If you interested to show Giant human skeletons Egypt,here some images from my other article:

Research of Muhammad abdo