Bio: I'm an egyptian researcher into egyptology. I do my best to bring the hidden truth of ancient egypt for the light The archaeology field is full of hypocrisy and lying,they made everything in ancient egypt to serve their aims

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  1. MaShallah, you are doing an excellent work. May Allah swt put much blessing in your work, Inshallah.

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. LOL EGYPT IN AFRICA , NOW YOU CLAIM YOUR AFRICAN HUH? Those fake picture comparison, is misleading and if giving the opportunity you would take those same pictures and try to image white faces. HOW ABOUT THE 1,000 of other statues that depict pictures that clearly show ethnic black Egyptian and not pictures what arabs are: Turkish, and African and neanderthal mix. NOTHING LESS NOTHING MORE.THE MOORS WHO were black arabs were the ones who gave america its name. When arabs invaded eqpt they said they were savages and did not understand the spirit. So stop trying to STEAL LEGACY………. THIEF

  3. Hi Mohammad. I’m glad to see there is someone like you who loves truth. To tell you the truth, I’m a researcher myself trying to get a doc video project up and running myself. I’m glad I came across your site. To me that’s got to be a miracle. Unfortunately I’m not so fortunate enough to be able to climb on a plane to Egypt and take some footage myself. I was hoping you could bless me with some photos (without text on it) for my project? I will put reference of you and your site when I use them. It’s a home-made doc-video that won’t be placed on youtube so don’t worry. Just something to show to passing friends, family and visitors to be safe. Ben

  4. بص يابني , لما تعرف تقرا هيروغليفي الاول ابقي اتكلم ..
    قال مشر قال , دي نفر يا بابا و معناها جميل باللغة المصرية القديمة و الحرفين اللي جنبها الحية اللي بقرون دي حرف ال ف و الحرف التالت هو حرف ال ر و دى اسمها متممات صوتية …
    نصيحة من حد دارس الكلام ده … اطلع منها يابني
    و اه صحيح ! هرم خوفو مفهوش اي نوع من انواع الكتابة نهائيا , اول مرة اتكتب فيها علي حيطة هرم كان الكلام ده في الاسرة الخامسة و خوفوتاني ملوك الاسرة الرابعة اصلا ..
    كفاية تخريف وتشويه بقي في الحاجةالوحيدة اللي حيلتنا !

  5. I just returned from the Pyramids , i am glad you are doing your best to decode everything .I would like to help,let me know if i can do something.

  6. Salamou 3alikoum all of you, including of course Mohammed, I see that you put a lot of time, work and effort to show us the truth because of the lies made around the truth, but if we (arabs and people (civilization in general)) believed in the islam like they should, your words would not even be necessary to show us the truth. Everything what you are saying is mentionned in the holy ‘Coran’. However, I think that you should precise an aspect of the giants, that they were also differences in size amongst them, I think by examinating the tombs and evidence that some giants were even much bigger than 6 meters, they could really reach a very big hight. Anyway, machaa Allah for your work. And may Allah Swt bless you. Fil aman. Abdel Haleem from Belgium.

  7. vladimirlalic007@gmail.com I am professor of History from Serbia and painter. May name is Vladimir Lalić. Mohammad if you have some better resolution picture without your drawing, send me on may internet gmail address and after some time I will send you may restorations which I have few of them now. When you send me letter write in your internet address because I have many friends and interfere them often. When I read some males I put them in PNG photos to not forget any time even theoretically.

  8. Hi can you please send me your Facebook profile link to add?
    Kind regards Daniel Sue-Fong

  9. I think you done more then a lot of people and told the truth, yes it so unbelievable. but so is always the truth. at last we find not a fairy story but facts’
    we can now see how they hide the facts right under our noses.

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