American Dollar Arabic Words Prophecy by muhammad abdo

This year 2013, I discovered the proper decipherment of hieroglyphs which represent the arabic language.Hieorglyphs is the first arabic mouth.

This discovery is the greatest guidance for all secrets, one of things i was guided to The words on american Dollar currency.

I was so surprised that early americans or the ones who established united states probably had knowledge of Proper decipherment of hieroglyphs,i believe there is a conspiracy on ancient egypt and its symbols (hieroglyphs) they don’t want to tell people that ancient egyptians  spoke arab.

Breaking the secerts of american dollar words,they are arabic words by dialect of probable Greek Guy because he adds the alphabet ” S ” on words.

First You should know that the name of America means Order of God

America meaning Arabic Word

Numbers on american Dollar:

Aram Vs america


Dollar prophecy

Dollar words prophecy

Pyramid on Dollar

American dollar prophecy

Dollar words Secrets

The words are strange but they are actually ARABIC EGYPTIAN WORDS:

Dollar arabic words prophecy

Why i broke words?because it’s the proper spelling, the one who wrote those words have hard dialect so his arabic was not proper.

Dollar Pyramid Prophecy

American dollar secret prophecy

Secret of Dollar  words


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  1. Jazakallahu khairan! may Allah SWT reward you for all your researches, I’ve following your researches since last year, I started thinking that may be the pyramids were built by king shaddad.

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