Ancient egyptians close looking to modern egyptians

resposnse to the black people who do lot of stuff and attempt to separate the core of truth, they are hardly trying to take over our egyptian history and claim ancient egyptians were black, No and no ” Ancient egypt was not only black”, black/ brown/ yellow people all existed in ancient egypt since first time.


i’m showing great similarity in facial looking between modern egyptians and ancient egyptians

hassan faya

Hatshepsut -- 812984985-5m42







mostafa mahmoud




ahmed zaki


Statue of Queen Tiye (Teje)


Amenemhet III




Inner coffin


different pictures of modern egyptians and arab people:

granite statue







arab saudi

Research by

Muhammad abdo


31 Responses

  1. Cool pix man. Didn’t realise Egyptian women could be so hot!

  2. I think you are right, but I think that all of semitic(egyptians, north africans, syrians) people ultimatly came from east africa, because we have a similar language. And theirs look more ancient.

    • Read the book ” Black genesis- the prehistory origin of ancient egypt.

  3. You Arabs have a wonderful sense of humor! The only reason an Arab bares any resemblance to an egyptian is because you are mixed breeds, an African/Caucasian mixture. You are foreigners to the land, this is why the present culture bares no resemblance to the ancient language, customs, dress, or religion of the past, because you are newcomers. Some of the so called “egyptian” artifacts you’ve shown are known forgeries! Fakes created to mislead. You also show some authentic statues but those belong to the period of the Ptolemaic rule and we’re built by the Greeks after they conquered Egypt. The rest are obviously Africans! Egypt was not America. It was no melting pot, it was black. The ancient Egyptians themselves said they were black! What is wrong with you? Why are you in denial? The Copts speak the truth, the majority of the people living in Egypt are not egyptian.

    • jason, you said some good points but ancient egyptians were not all black…….all colors existed, north kingdom were majorly wheaty ppl, south kingdom were majorly brown,minority black……the majority of egypt now are foriegners,i agree with that, but copts themselves were newcomers, remanents of greeks,romans,israelites and titans,other races……if you read some religious folks, tribes called gog,those are native ancient egyptians, they will be back within years.

      soon truth will set minds enlighted

  4. I agreed with you, that the ancient Egypian were Arabs,I ‘ve found another interesting page supporting it : (

  5. Never let history (or any facts!) get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

  6. The ancient Egyptians were the Somali people. The people of the horn.

    • Somalis have nothing to have with kemet civilization,Sudanese are at the origin

      • sudanese neither linked to ancient egypt, they were moors

  7. Smh (shaking my head). It never ceases to amaze me at how malatos or Caucasians alsways try to fit themselves into ancient egyptian history and try to make someone else’s history a part of their own. And what you are trying to explain or attempting to explain in this article is not factual. You are only bringing in your history in the dynastic periods particularly the 17-18 dynasty which was the hyksos dynasty. Invasion of different races or not as melenated peoples. From romans to greeks to persians etc. Its a known fact that the black or melenated man has been on this planet thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years before any non melenated man. If one was to go back to even before the predynastic period you would not see any Caucasian races and the ancient Egyptians were the ancient dogons of mali the ancient nuwbuns of west africa etc.

    • thank you brother lol

    • You must shake your empty head more to come to your senses. The genetic evidence of Ancient Egypt proves they were Mediterrenean, not black or white, so you are 100% wrong.

      Also look the definition of the word “fact” because you are clearly ILLITERATE of the word. Sub-Saharan Africans were like here from 13.000 BC and they NEVER in fact moved beyond Sahara except Nubians. Sahara is a natural deadend. So, is the Upper Nile. Egyptians were remarkably unsuccessful to pass their culture to the rest of Africa.

      We do not as you eloquently blind yourself to BELIEVE, “try to fit” ourselves it is just the undeniable truth that Ancient Egyptians were not black and you are whining bitch making up poor excuses to keep your bizarre idiotic delusions of “black Egypt” which is a fabrication.

      “You are only bringing in your history in the dynastic periods particularly the 17-18 dynasty which was the hyksos dynasty”

      Wow, are you THAT gigantically retarded? Have you not spotted MENES yet? Oh, god you are fucking psychotic..

      “From romans to greeks to persians etc.”

      Actually, Greeks never said Egyptians were black. You are reading your history backwards.

      “If one was to go back to even before the predynastic period you would not see any Caucasian races”

      The stupidity… Flat noses and almond eyes are NOT exclusively black features. Look at Greeks that have almond eyes and Berbers that have flat noses.

      Hell,… Berbers of Roman times were CLEARLY in fact very “white” (Semitic) and that’s fact of Berbers being originally white.

      Why so desperate to steal our history, PROJECT it as a LIE that we are doing it and SCHIZOPHRENIFY yourself?

    • black ppl are harilious, look at giza kings’s statues, they are looking of middle eastern guys not black features. dont let fanactism blinds you… guys are brainwashed by the craps shown on your media

  8. Arabs conquered Egypt over 1400 years ago. The height of Egypt and the construction of most temples and pyramids took place more than 3000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians referred to themselves as not Egyptians, but Kemet nu. Their land was called KMT translated land of the blacks. The pictures of them that are created by them show people who are much browner than any of your photos. Egyptians, aka Kemet nu, descend from Nubians. Nubians are black. When the world is less racist, people will admit the most studied and longest lasting empire was one of Black People, Africans. Simarily, there was no middle east back then, the land mass was still connected to Africa. Humans come from Africa, the orginal humans and creators of civilization and original people living in “ancient Egypt” all descend from brown and black people known as Africans.

    Thus Arabs are NOT The identity of ancient Egyptians, they are conquers of Egypt. The greek historian Herodotus as well as the Sicilian historian Diyionius as well as African historians such as Dr. Ben prove these facts and issues.

    • you need a course in modern hieroglyphic decipherment to know who ancient egyptians were, old decipherment was wrong and fantasial, ancient egypt were two kingdoms, north was called gept…..south was called bsher.

      khemet originally khepet ( gept ),it doesnt mean black, it has many meanings…..gept in known-arabic language ” hold, grab,attack,conquer,kill,death,grave ”

      thats why ancient egyptians took from the plateu of giza a place for their graves, pyramids were tombs, mastabas were either tombs, Gept is land of death and terror

  9. Right on, Brother Muhammad!

    They say a pictures worth a thousand words; well, here are a thousand pictures…

    There’s also this paper
    Professor S.O.Y. Keita
    Department of Biological Anthropology
    Oxford University

    Professor A. J. Boyce
    University Reader in Human Population
    Oxford University

    What was the primary geographical source for the peopling of the Egyptian Nile Valley? Were the creators of the fundamental culture of southern predynastic Egypt—which led to the dynastic culture—migrants and colonists from Europe or the Near East? Or were they predominantly African variant populations?

    These questions can be addressed using data from studies of biology and culture, and evolutionary interpretive models. Archaeological and linguistic data indicate an origin in Africa. Biological data from living Egyptians and from skeletons of ancient Egyptians may also shed light on these questions. It is important to keep in mind the long presence of humans in Africa, and that there should be a great range of biological variation in indigenous “authentic” Africans.

    Scientists have been studying remains from the Egyptian Nile Valley for years. Analysis of crania is the traditional approach to assessing ancient population origins, relationships, and diversity. In studies based on anatomical traits and measurements of crania, similarities have been found between Nile Valley crania from 30,000, 20,000 and 12,000 years ago and various African remains from more recent times (see Thoma 1984; Brauer and Rimbach 1990; Angel and Kelley 1986; Keita 1993). Studies of crania from southern predynastic Egypt, from the formative period (4000-3100 B.C.), show them usually to be more similar to the crania of ancient Nubians, Kushites, Saharans, or modern groups from the Horn of Africa than to those of dynastic northern Egyptians or ancient or modern southern Europeans.

    Another source of skeletal data is limb proportions, which generally vary with different climatic belts. In general, the early Nile Valley remains have the proportions of more tropical populations, which is noteworthy since Egypt is not in the tropics. This suggests that the Egyptian Nile Valley was not primarily settled by cold-adapted peoples, such as Europeans.

    Art objects are not generally used by biological anthropologists. They are suspect as data and their interpretation highly dependent on stereotyped thinking. However, because art has often been used to comment on the physiognomies of ancient Egyptians, a few remarks are in order. A review of literature and the sculpture indicates characteristics that also can be found in the Horn of (East) Africa (see, e.g., Petrie 1939; Drake 1987; Keita 1993). Old and Middle Kingdom statuary shows a range of characteristics; many, if not most, individuals depicted in the art have variations on the narrow-nosed, narrow-faced morphology also seen in various East Africans. This East African anatomy, once seen as being the result of a mixture of different “races,” is better understood as being part of the range of indigenous African variation.

    The descriptions and terms of ancient Greek writers have sometimes been used to comment on Egyptian origins. This is problematic since the ancient writers were not doing population biology. However, we can examine one issue. The Greeks called all groups south of Egypt “Ethiopians.” Were the Egyptians more related to any of these “Ethiopians” than to the Greeks? As noted, cranial and limb studies have indicated greater similarity to Somalis, Kushites and Nubians, all “Ethiopians” in ancient Greek terms.

    There are few studies of ancient DNA from Egyptian remains and none so far of southern predynastic skeletons. A study of 12th Dynasty DNA shows that the remains evaluated had multiple lines of descent, including not surprisingly some from “sub-Saharan” Africa (Paabo and Di Rienzo 1993). The other lineages were not identified, but may be African in origin. More work is needed. In the future, early remains from the Nile Valley and the rest of Africa will have to be studied in this manner in order to establish the early baseline range of genetic variation of all Africa. The data are important to avoid stereotyped ideas about the DNA of African peoples.

    The information from the living Egyptian population may not be as useful because historical records indicate substantial immigration into Egypt over the last several millennia, and it seems to have been far greater from the Near East and Europe than from areas far south of Egypt. “Substantial immigration” can actually mean a relatively small number of people in terms of population genetics theory. It has been determined that an average migration rate of one percent per generation into a region could result in a great change of the original gene frequencies in only several thousand years. (This assumes that all migrants marry natives and that all native-migrant offspring remain in the region.) It is obvious then that an ethnic group or nationality can change in average gene frequencies or physiognomy by intermarriage, unless social rules exclude the products of “mixed” unions from membership in the receiving group. More abstractly this means that geographically defined populations can undergo significant genetic change with a small percentage of steady assimilation of “foreign” genes. This is true even if natural selection does not favor the genes (and does not eliminate them).

    Examples of regions that have biologically absorbed genetically different immigrants are Sicily, Portugal, and Greece, where the frequencies of various genetic markers (and historical records) indicate sub-Saharan and supra-Saharan African migrants.

    This scenario is different from one in which a different population replaces another via colonization. Native Egyptians were variable. Foreigners added to this variability.

    The genetic data on the recent Egyptian population is fairly sparse. There has not been systematic research on large samples from the numerous regions of Egypt. Taken collectively, the results of various analyses suggest that modern Egyptians have ties with various African regions, as well as with Near Easterners and Europeans. Egyptian gene frequencies are between those of Europeans and some sub-Saharan Africans. This is not surprising. The studies have used various kinds of data: standard blood groups and proteins, mitochondrial DNA, and the Y chromosome. The gene frequencies and variants of the “original” population, or of one of early high density, cannot be deduced without a theoretical model based on archaeological and “historical” data, including the aforementioned DNA from ancient skeletons. (It must be noted that it is not yet clear how useful ancient DNA will be in most historical genetic research.) It is not clear to what degree certain genetic systems usually interpreted as non-African may in fact be native to Africa. Much depends on how “African” is defined and the model of interpretation.

    The various genetic studies usually suffer from what is called categorical thinking, specifically, racial thinking. Many investigators still think of “African” in a stereotyped, nonscientific (nonevolutionary) fashion, not acknowledging a range of genetic variants or traits as equally African. The definition of “African” that would be most appropriate should encompass variants that arose in Africa. Given that this is not the orientation of many scholars, who work from outmoded racial perspectives, the presence of “stereotypical” African genes so far from the “African heartland” is noteworthy. These genes have always been in the valley in any reasonable interpretation of the data. As a team of Egyptian geneticists stated recently, “During this long history and besides these Asiatic influences, Egypt maintained its African identity . . .” (Mahmoud et al. 1987). This statement is even more true in a wider evolutionary interpretation, since some of the “Asian” genes may be African in origin. Modern data and improved theoretical approaches extend and validate this conclusion.

    In summary, various kinds of data and the evolutionary approach indicate that the Nile Valley populations had greater ties with other African populations in the early ancient period. Early Nile Valley populations were primarily coextensive with indigenous African populations. Linguistic and archaeological data provide key supporting evidence for a primarily African origin.

    References Cited:

    Angel, J. L., and J. O. Kelley, Description and comparison of the skeleton. In The Wadi Kubbaniya Skeleton: A Late Paleolithic
    Burial from Southern Egypt. E Wendorf and R. Schild. pp. 53-70. Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press. 1986

    Brauer, G., and K. Rimbach, Late archaic and modern Homo sapiens from Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia: Craniometric comparisons and phylogenetic implications, Journal of Human Evolution 19:789-807. 1990

    Drake, St. C., Black Folk Here and There, vol 1. Los Angeles: University of California. 1987

    Keita, S.O.Y., Studies and comments on ancient Egyptian biological relationships. History in Africa 20:129-154. 1993

    Mahmoud, L. et. al, Human blood groups in Dakhlaya. Egypt. Annuals of Human Biology. 14(6):487-493. 1987

    Paabo, S., and A. Di Rienzo, A molecular approach to the study of Egyptian history. In Biological Anthropology and the Study
    of Ancient Egypt. V. Davies and R. Walker, eds. pp. 86-90. London: British Museum Press. 1993

    Petrie, W.M., F. The Making of Egypt. London: Sheldon Press. 1984

    Thoma, A., Morphology and affinities of the Nazlet Khaterman. Journal of Human Evolution 13:287-296. 1984;f=8;t=006741;p=1

  10. This is no way factual at all you need to do some more research sweetie. Caucasians absolutely do not fit this time in history. You are not related to Arabs so you like to say, just please let us have our history.

  11. Facts when distorted start to look exactly what your trying to profess.true Egyptians have always been black until the time of the great famine that made all the world go to Egypt for food and in due course many races stayed but mainly isrealites and it’s on this basis that colour pigmentation of the real black Egyptian began to be distorted and it’s what is causing your confusion..which were followed by the vicious campaigns to convert people to Islam that went as far as mali and beyond

  12. this is stupid and sophomoric at best.

  13. Awesome. Exactly Egyptians are Mediterranean caucasoids Africans as they were before and still are. Great similarities!! Thanks for posting.

  14. Actually Christianity wasn’t brought to Egypt by Europeans, it was in Africa before Europe. Christianity was even past Egypt, as far south as Ethiopia at least, when most Europeans were still worshipping Wotân/Odin, the norse gods of the Visigoth people, from Spain, all the way to Germany.

    Africans, especially Ethiopians were then, and are still today, some of the most pure hearted Christians to exist, with the rest having fallen off the path Jesus Christ intended..

    I say that, cuz look at the Catholic Church. Never has ANY group had so many Pedophile child rapists, as the Catholic Church. That so many could infiltrate that organization, can ONLY MEAN ONE thing: God is NOT with the Catholic Church.. But that’s not surprising, God openly admitted to being a “jealous God”, yet the Catholic Pope proclaims himself as “Vicar of Christ”, which elicits a form of worship of him.
    Another example of God not being with that church, and Him trying to send signs to the world, to let us know to not be apart of the Catholics: the day the Pope symbolically released a pure white Dove, from the window of the Vatican, out of nowhere came a HUGE black bird, possibly a crow or Raven, attacking the Dove..
    Another example: The night Pope Francis was announced as the new Pope, when Pope Benedict mysteriously abdicated (which NO Pope does), God struck the Vatican right in its center, with a Lightening bolt.

    Between the natural signs, the Dove attacked, Lightening strikes, and then the numbers of Pedophiles, seeming almost like a plague similar to the plagues Egypt suffered from God, forcing the Pharoah to free the Israelites, I’m convinced God is not with the Catholic Church any longer, if ever. (If none of that convinced anyone, there’s actual lower level priests within the Catholic Church, that admitted to doubts of their own denomination being what Jesus Christ wanted, and some having gone so far as to say Satan has actually infiltrated the Vatican church at the top levels.
    That would make sense, considering the Catholic Church taking a public stance on Aliens, saying they believe in them, which when the prophesied “coming of a Great Deception” happens, most are in agreement today, that it’ll be Satan’s short, but violent rule on earth, being hailed by the powers that be, as “UFO’s landing”, introducing aliens as “powerful, advanced beings from outer space”.
    Everything is already being set up for just such an event.. Think about it, if the world you know, fears the Biblical Satan, and his following, if you are Satan, you don’t admit to it, you call yourself something else. So if you can already influence people with Temptations of fortune and power, you guide them into the entertainment business, direct their ideas towards blockbuster UFO films. You get the masses in the world, used to the term, and very idea of aliens existing. That way when your time on earth comes, you can deceive so many into following you, by parading as advanced alien life.
    Well the Catholic Church recently took a Native American tribe, the Apaches, to the high courts in the U.S., to steal a sacred mountain to the Apaches.
    Mount Graham in the U.S., has the same ancient, mythic, mystic history, as Mount Hermon, in the Levant. To ancient people, both Mountains were known locations for ‘doorways to other dimensions’, places where the gods they worshipped, were able to enter our realm of existence, from theirs.
    In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is where the 200 Watcher-class Angels, betrayed God when consumed with lust for human women, and became the ‘Fallen Angels’. Their interbreeding with human women, beget a blasphemous, part mortal, part immortal race of giants, who I 100% believe were the basis for ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Norse, Mesoamerican, and other ancient Peoples’ Pagan gods. The histories match up, especially with the Greeks’ tales of their gods. ‘bk of Enoch’ says the very first children of the Fallen, were by far, the biggest, tallest, and most vile, Evil beings..’. From them, each new generation born of that lineage, reduced in size-there human DNA remaining the same, inevitably outnumbering the Fallen’s unholy DNA.. There was a clash between these giants, bloody wars.. All of this, matches perfectly with the Greek tales of the Clash of the Titans’, and Zeus’s rise to power, by killing his own, Titan (Giant) father..
    Like the Fallen, Zeus, and the Norse’s Odin, both loved to walk as normal men, and seduce human women..

    ..I got off subject, sorry.
    My point, the Catholic Church used money, and influence, to steal a sacred site to the Apache. What did you Catholic Church do with Mount Graham? They built a cutting-edge Telescope, with the latest super-lense technology, one the size of a huge building. Look it up, “Vatican Observatory on Mount Graham”..

    I’m not trying to judge or condemn anyone, don’t misunderstand me. I only recently solidified my faith in Jesus Christ. I was born with an analytical mind, I have trouble with blind-faith, so it took me literally dying on my bedroom floor in 2004, to change my ways, and solidify my faith.. What I saw, was more evil and scarier than the worst person on the face of the earth. I’d rather face ISIS, than the evil entity I encountered awaiting my immortal soul. The second I realized what happened, that for whatever reason, I was dead, I freaked, and suddenly started begging Jesus to save me from that hell.., and as soon as I did, an unseen barrier came between that Evil, and my own soul.. Then a window opened in the darkness, and I could actually see in my bedroom. I was on the other side of the room, than where my body was, and the medics working to revive me.. I did see my oldest sister crying, and her Boyfriend holding her up. Then without warning, I ‘fell’, or it felt like I ‘dropped’, just a short fall, but as soon as I felt that, I was suddenly back, alive. I was able to open my eyes, and breathe what felt like the first breath I’d ever taken, filling my lungs back up with air..
    After that, my faith is 100%, and fear of an eternity with that kind of malevolent Evil, is enuff to Make my faith never fail again..

  15. That was a load of crap! But I do this on the regular. So Let’s go down the list

    1. Who was the first Arab? Ishmael, If Abraham or Abrahim went into egypt before he had Ishmael how were the first Arabs Egyptians ???

    2. Who ever that chick is looks nothing like Queen Tiye. You are really gonna say Queen Tiye is not a Black a full black. Your sick! SHE HAS A AFRO !

    3. You Arabs are the blacks half brothers you know this and your Prophet says it as well as to respect us as such which you do not. Thus you have some features (lips)

    4. Herodotus says the Egyptians are black with curly hair I read it (the book) and you can search it very easily.

    5. Genesis 10:6 The sons of Ham : Egypt, Cush, Canaan, and Punt,

    So in closing, we true of Kemet and Nubia first of the Nile friend of the Hebrew half brother of the Arab, what do you think we’re gonna tell 90 million people to leave. Hey God take God give. Yes their is ugly words coming from blacks to you. A bloody Arab slave trade of your ancestors will do that to you. But don’t lie ? That’s what Europeans do. Yes it’s mixed look where it is, but man come on when have Arabs braided their hair. Or shaved and wore wigs. Or looked like Queen Tiye ?

    Peace unto to you brother.

    • 1-dont take religious tales so serious,arabs not rooted to abraham, abraham was titan not arab ( irani-syrian race).
      2- queen tyee was brown yes
      3- Herodotus as european show brown and dark wheaty people as black
      4- africa is divided to many black races, doesnt mean all rooted to ancient egyptians real makers of civilization

  16. Keep on wishing. The only people related to the original Egyptians are the dark skinned African looking Arabs and of course the offspring of a union between the Somalians and Arab. Let’s face it Arabs, you are mostly Asians, not Africans. The truth will come out in the end.

  17. Are you kidding? You must be either joking or are delusional.

    • plz, read my article well instead being fury…..i said ” all colors existed, there were brown,black and wheaty ppl “

  18. This article is full of BS. it’s not worth even to look at. The person who made this article should find his own camel to teach him about life which he never had before. The word Arab comes from Arabic which is a language not a race. Arab people belong to Asian race.

    • i said the title not accurate, for attention……roll your eyes on words before spotting drops of anger, ancient egypt language was what known todays the arabic language, there is long story for ancient egypt……most known todays arabs actually not arab, they are rooted to titan race ( iran,syria,iraq )

  19. Turks from Egypt wanting to steal the identity of black people.

    • turks lol its new agenda…..ancient egypt was not black

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