Ancient egyptians were Arabs

The title is not accurate Yes, I just meant it for more attention!!

The title of this article should really be ” Ancient egyptians are the origin of Arab race“.

I made this article for two purpose:

1- resposnse to the black people who do lot of stuff and many attempts to separate the core of truth, they are hardly trying to steal our egyptian history and claim ancient egyptians were only african blacks, No ancient egyptians were mixed of many races ” Ancient egypt was not only black”, black/white/arab (yellow people) all existed in ancient egypt since first time.

2-a rebuttal for the coptic-christian people who feed all lies so far on many forums and their books,they claim that arabs invaded egypt and whole middle east,then they fathered all modern muslims of todays. So that mean ” we muslim egyptians dont belong to ancient egypt”, they have weird sick mentality,they classify egyptians by Religion, If u r christian, u egyptian, if u muslim u r not egyptian, they speak as if arabs  on old times were by millions and had bigger balls than other people in syria or north africa or iraq.

According to copts: 90 millions of egypt = 85 millions are not egyptians but 5 millions christians only egyptians.

If being egyptian by religion, then all christians in egypt are not egyptians,because ancient egyptians never were christians, Christianity was religion of european invaders to egypt.If arabs brought Islam to egypt,then Greeks and romans brought christianity to egypt.

anyway, in this article:

Some comparison between arab people and modern muslim egyptians to ancient egyptians, it’s very close looking and does say ” Ancient egyptians are the fore grandparents of  arabs and north africans”.

The arab muslim egyptians:

My family:

head of amen

Famous modern egyptian figures ( they are all muslims not christians):

Hatshepsut -- 812984985-5m42








mostafa mahmoud




ahmed zaki


Statue of Queen Tiye (Teje)


Amenemhet III




Inner coffin


different pictures of modern egyptians and arab people:

granite statue


kuwaiti looking4




arab lookings


arab saudi



Research by

Muhammad abdo


9 Responses

  1. I think you are right, but I think that all of semitic(egyptians, north africans, syrians) people ultimatly came from east africa, because we have a similar language. And theirs look more ancient.

  2. Never let history (or any facts!) get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

  3. The ancient Egyptians were the Somali people. The people of the horn.

  4. Smh (shaking my head). It never ceases to amaze me at how malatos or Caucasians alsways try to fit themselves into ancient egyptian history and try to make someone else’s history a part of their own. And what you are trying to explain or attempting to explain in this article is not factual. You are only bringing in your history in the dynastic periods particularly the 17-18 dynasty which was the hyksos dynasty. Invasion of different races or not as melenated peoples. From romans to greeks to persians etc. Its a known fact that the black or melenated man has been on this planet thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years before any non melenated man. If one was to go back to even before the predynastic period you would not see any Caucasian races and the ancient Egyptians were the ancient dogons of mali the ancient nuwbuns of west africa etc.

    • thank you brother lol

    • You must shake your empty head more to come to your senses. The genetic evidence of Ancient Egypt proves they were Mediterrenean, not black or white, so you are 100% wrong.

      Also look the definition of the word “fact” because you are clearly ILLITERATE of the word. Sub-Saharan Africans were like here from 13.000 BC and they NEVER in fact moved beyond Sahara except Nubians. Sahara is a natural deadend. So, is the Upper Nile. Egyptians were remarkably unsuccessful to pass their culture to the rest of Africa.

      We do not as you eloquently blind yourself to BELIEVE, “try to fit” ourselves it is just the undeniable truth that Ancient Egyptians were not black and you are whining bitch making up poor excuses to keep your bizarre idiotic delusions of “black Egypt” which is a fabrication.

      “You are only bringing in your history in the dynastic periods particularly the 17-18 dynasty which was the hyksos dynasty”

      Wow, are you THAT gigantically retarded? Have you not spotted MENES yet? Oh, god you are fucking psychotic..

      “From romans to greeks to persians etc.”

      Actually, Greeks never said Egyptians were black. You are reading your history backwards.

      “If one was to go back to even before the predynastic period you would not see any Caucasian races”

      The stupidity… Flat noses and almond eyes are NOT exclusively black features. Look at Greeks that have almond eyes and Berbers that have flat noses.

      Hell,… Berbers of Roman times were CLEARLY in fact very “white” (Semitic) and that’s fact of Berbers being originally white.

      Why so desperate to steal our history, PROJECT it as a LIE that we are doing it and SCHIZOPHRENIFY yourself?

  5. This is no way factual at all you need to do some more research sweetie. Caucasians absolutely do not fit this time in history. You are not related to Arabs so you like to say, just please let us have our history.

  6. Facts when distorted start to look exactly what your trying to profess.true Egyptians have always been black until the time of the great famine that made all the world go to Egypt for food and in due course many races stayed but mainly isrealites and it’s on this basis that colour pigmentation of the real black Egyptian began to be distorted and it’s what is causing your confusion..which were followed by the vicious campaigns to convert people to Islam that went as far as mali and beyond

  7. Awesome. Exactly Egyptians are Mediterranean caucasoids Africans as they were before and still are. Great similarities!! Thanks for posting.

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