Forbidden history of Ancient egypt: Giant Animal Giant Birds » Ostrakon of a herdsman driving an ox117

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  1. You do not read may letters at all. I am professor of History and I was in past times of may high school very advance painter. Send me original photos of : giant animals and giant people from antic Egypt in best possible resolution and if you have same photos from several differently angle, than after some times I will send you may restorations in best possible quality.You protect your photos and put your name and internet address on them what is normal but than I can not easy to start creating may restorations ! Help me and I will help you. Than I can say in may book, which now have more than 2300 and will be around 2400 pages who was helped me. I am Ortodox Christian but I said about statement in your holly book Kuran/Qoran. May name and family name is Vladimir Lalić. This ć on end is very like cj say in same moment. Cj/ć.

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