Forbidden history of ancient egypt: The Giant humans » abughurab

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  1. Speaking about Giants in Africa as a whole, has become a mythological issue, because in the African tradition, knowledge is passed from mouth to ear. But in realty, giants still exist but not in this realm of existence any longer, as most of them have gained access to another dimension of existence, which is very closely related to our own in a very mysterious way. As humans evolved, so also did our Forth-Fathers. They are the ones who taught us or who always reminded us of the fact that we came from Heaven or we are Heavenly Beings and never otherwise, which is why until today in my oral tradition we still use words such as N´kwazulu or Kuzulu yatuka, which means I´m a Heavenly being or I came from Heaven. We are the sons of God, of which Genesis 6 speaks about, that´s why we enter and exit this world through the Twelve Portals of Time. Many of us are giants within and others without, and if we just broaden our consciousness beyond our physicallimits and hold it wherever we would like, we can see how big we are beyond the five senses. Cultivating our Inner Lives is the first conditions to starting to see giants again, and we can never forget that we are Spiritual Beings experiencing humanity or having human experiences, and that God is Unity in diversity, that´s why He appears to each people in a specific way, or in diverse ways…

    Best regards,

    Set-Horus-Ra-Yamani-Set or João Paulo de Sousa


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