Forbidden history of ancient egypt: The Giant humans

The forbidden history of giant humans in ancient egypt

…………………………………….The conspiracy………………………………… kill evolution_

An excellent work on the different arts of ancient egyptians, The giants truth is already told by ancient egyptians


Aad people

giant kings in ancient egypt



Ancient giants of egypt

Giant humans in Egypt

Giants of ancient egypt

Ancient giant humans in egypt egypt_4 egyptian Giants of egypt

Ancient giants in egypt

Giants in ancient egypt

ancient egypt secrets

Giant women in ancient egypt

The mystery behind these large blocks in ancient egypt ( its the Giant Humans work), A large stone to us todays was a normal stone for Giant people,they were full of strength

large blocks large blocks   Large blocks

Ancient egyptian large sarcophagus

Large tools used in ancient quarries, 100% it was work of Giant humans:

Evidence of giants in quarries

The method of lifting large stones in ancient egypt is recorded:

From the rekhmire tomb art: Pyramids construction 



lifting stones1

Giants build the pyramids





Evidence on this hidden truth of giant humans:

4 meter long Giant sarcophagus discovery they rushed to stick it under the name of king Merneptah ( son of ramses II) and create lot of lies about it, the whole history of ancient egypt is actually made up to fit an agenda. its measurements Length: about 4 meter. Width:  2.3 meter. height:  2.5 meter.

Why it was  huge sarcophagus and mystery? because this is sarcophagus belongs to An Egyptian Giant Human king.


The size of this sarcophagus is fit for giant people who probably were in size of 3.5 to 4 meter, Double of our size todays.

Look  at the arts of ancient egyptians, it tells it:

QM01-2581 023713ANC328568


47 inch Giant Human leg bone Taken from Egypt to Texas, Fossils museum (Mtblanco) by Mr.Joe Taylor:




Mummified Giant Human finger stolen from Graves around the giza pyramids, Follow the story from German newspaper Bild: 2,h=343_bildh



Giant human fingers print are found on some large stones in Abu sir area:



Large huge containers and basins are found:


abu sir rekhmire basinsaqh Huge diorite stones and pounders :




 People make large necklaces for Giant human giant:


necklace rek433


Large coffins from the old reports:



People lift large coffin of giant kings: art21 coffin comparison QM01-2833w21

More evidence on the Giants :

Ancient giant humans existed in Ancient egypt 100%

comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Deer animal:





comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Oryx animal:


giant people in egypt


evidence of giants in egypt


giant52 comparison between ancient egyptians size through the Cow animal:



Painted Wall Relief with Hieroglyphics and Cattle Offering Scene from Mastaba of Mereruka

ancient giants in egypt

giants truth

giants of ancient egypt

giant women in ancient egypt


God provided the giant people giant creatures to fit their ages, so we will find giant birds and animals are recorded on arts

giant birds in ancient egypt2


giants in ancient egypt


Giant humans in ancient egypt


100% The early ancient egyptians were giants,they were different in size. These giant humans of egypt had Giant Animals and Birds as well. People of our size existed in early ancient egypt along with them, The same with normal animals and birds,they existed with giant birds and animals as i will show in NEXT POST.

Regards, Muhammad

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  2. Interesting. What is your profession, Mohamed? How did you get into researching ancient Egypt and how did you discover all this?

    • its years ago i started searching about it

  3. I have been wondering about the same thing for years,when I saw a drawing of two egyptian males supposingly holding and kissing two baby’s in their hands. But If you looked closely you could see these ‘baby’s’ where full grown women with breasts.That kinda striked me as odd. Thanks for this article. It’s interesting.

  4. SubhanAllah…. the truth finaly revealed…..
    keep seeking my dearest Muhammad abdo…..
    may Allah bless u…..

    • ty inshallah truth will be more clear on future

  5. Cool stuff on giants! I am so glad that Jesus came to save us! The Holy Bible is true! Christ shed His Blood as a sacrificial lamb! For all people’s of the Earth! You must be born again to inherit the Kingdom of God! Much Love to all in Christ Jesus!

    • It does prove existence of God…..Atheist scientists are working him by cheating on sciences

  6. Wow, that is pretty crazy. The drawings are one thing, the actual skeletons though! That’s amazing! So I wonder, how is it that these giant people disappeared and we’re still here? They’re obviously much bigger and much stronger. Darwinism would say that these giant humans should be the ones in existence today. But I’m sure as small people, we were scared to death of these giants. And from the pictures it looks like they were definitely rulers over the small people (us). So I’m wondering if, maybe, we outnumbered them, and we revolted against them in order to kill them in order to save ourselves. Any theories as to how these giant humans became extinct? And I can understand why this kind of thing is covered up. It disproves a lot of science that we have been taught since we were kids.

    • Giant people were on ancient times and they gone,no one lives for eternal, For egyptian giants, they were destroyed by god as abrahamic religions refer to that. Latest giants probably existed in middle east by era of early romans since about 2500 years, they were very rare and height about 3 meter tall,this is according to references of old european historians. the breed of giants was over, probably its god’s wisdom if you dont believe in god, well, probably their breed was shrinking that they became very few in numbers and then people of our size overcome them.

      Yes,exactly people like our size used to serve them, I do believe that ancient israelites were enslaved by giants too. the armenian historian moses or movice mentioned historical account regarding the times of abraham and issac in egypt : that there were people with extra ordinary statures(giants) and flourished (on civilization).

      Here in egypt, gov is stealing their history by support of unesco, the western scientists don’t want this truth to appear
      however,they run lot of studies on these giant
      mummies/skeletons. I’m told a story from guy who worked on excavation with archaeological team in luxor, He said” while we were digging,giant skeleton appeared the archaeologists rushed to ask the group of guys to leave the location the moment, he left the site and kept watching them from long distance, he said” they used small devices in their hands and started to run a wipe on skull and bones”, this guy said” i didnt know before that pharaohs were by that size.

      no doubt about this truth, even arts do prove them.

      Some western sciences in biology and paleontology were based on wrong ideas that the west rushed to dedicate and promote for it through educational systems……Appearance of giants truth will kill these sciences, so they are hiding it to save the false sciences. thats how they work

      I do believe Ancient giants will kill both darwinism and dinosaurs, many people would say” don’t you see the skeletons of dinosaurs in museums?”. they don’t understand the fact that dinosaurs are the giant animals who existed with early giant humans on same ages. I describe them as ancient giant repitles

    • I will make a better article regarding giants of egypt with religious references from abrahamic religions and old european historian books,islamic historian books.

      There is a story mentioned in some islamic historian books,i’m trying to find it in which exact book, the story in brief:

      islamic ruler of iraq asked islamic ruler of egypt to send him some egyptians to build a pyramid in iraq, the ruler of egypt sent him a procession with giant skull and message” If you could find people like this size,you can build a pyramid”

  7. it is very true that human giants did exist!! well known is Goliath of the Christian bible, who stands around 9 feet tall, whom David killed in a battle!!…also during the time of the Israelites’ 40 years of wondering around the land of Canaan, they encountered a community of giants which they eventually defeated under the leadership of the warrior Joshua, Moses’ military commander…also in the bible, giants were the offspring of humans and fallen angels sexual cohabitation. Giants were an intended version of satan’s superbeings to defeat God’s purpose of creating humans…fortunately, God defeated satan’s superbeings thru Joshua’s small but able army…Please read the Bible…

    • hello jojo, i know the bible mentioned them and i have read many verses regard them, but i just don’t agree with the part of mixed angels-humans thing. Giants were humans like us with same blood but with different genes,There were giants who believe in God too and good pious people not all of them are evil as ppl think. many researchers take christians to believe in nephilims rather than giant humans because they work with a purpose to save evolution or darwinism. Ancient giant humans’s truth kill darwinism and take us to rethink about all sciences regard origin of humans and animals.

    • This is true. Genesis 6:4 tells of this. I can’t understand how muhammadabdo believes one part of the Bible and totally disregard the rest concerning the fallen angels union with humans to produce these giants. But i guess Islam is like that. The book of Enoch gives even greater details, and the Ethiopic Book of Jasher speaks of other abominations of the fallen angels, including human / animal hybrids. Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction.

      • Giants are humans not mixed creatures, Giants of egypt were arabian….they spoke arabic and wrote it by glyphs represent nature and their works….Arabian giants were highly intelligent and smart that they owned whole earth. their history was removed from bible and replaced such figurative words like Amalek….your western scientists are hiding it for many purposes, they fight for their false sciences and there is a coward guy called Mason, he forces them to hide things in order to appear on few years pretend god…..its big conpsiracy made by west

      • The giants came from the union of angels and mankind (Genesis 6:4) as such they had genetic anomalies. Their heads was elongated, and they had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot (2 Samuel 21:20, 1Chronicles 20:6)

  8. Very good information. Of course the Bible mentions giants several times. Very interesting and very true information!

    • thanks, yes the bible did mention the giants too

  9. the book of enoch will explain the fallen with woman and the giants and more

  10. Very nice job. Just wish you had picked a WP theme that was wider and allowed the images to be larger. =) I, too, believe there were giants. As mentioned, the Old Testament of the Bible mentions giants many times, including giant grapes! Plus, there are more and more giant sized skeletal remains being found all over the world, even here in the United States. Keep up the good work, Muhammad!

    • thank you :) i will try to fix it, I know the bible spoke about giant people too i dont deny it, generally abrahamic religions mentioned them…..there were giant people everywhere in world, because people on first ages of life were by giant size and so animals and all creatures. atheist western scientists played up by science in order to remove God from life at all, thats their main purpose but god’s will truth will appear and things that hidden will be revealed thanks for comment Barbara

  11. Thank you so much for showing us the truth…it is a shame we’ve been lied too for so long, but seek and you shall find the truth!! Wow

  12. one thing I’m grateful for is knowing who built those pyramids before I die…that was driving me nuts!! :)

    • LOL,by God’s will on future their mummies will be put in musuem so that people see the people of strength who ruled the world…..i hope you live to see this day :)

  13. What a load of trash. This “researcher” has absolutely no credibility. For instance, a careful look at the photo of those two ‘giant’ skeletons with ‘normal’ sized people digging them out will show that this is an accidental perspective anomaly. The skeletons are about the same size as the people who are some number of feet behind them. Look at the focus. The skeletons are highly focused, while the live workers are slightly blurred.

    If this person really had ‘studied’ his Egyptian hieroglyphs, he would know that the ancient Egyptians used size to portray apparent importance. Thus, for instance, the very important people on the boats were shown in larger size than the unimportant servants or oarsmen, or the dead-weight rhythm drummer. There is no ‘grand conspiracy’ to deny the existence of giants.

    As for those ‘giant’ sarcs, the early Egyptians did several things that explain those without resorting to fictional accounts of giants. They created outer ‘wrappers’ for their mummies that contained other ‘wrappers’ in decreasing size. As they got closer to the size of the contained body, they became more and more elaborate. Much more probably, these ‘giant’ sarcs were the outer containers for many-layered (and much more detailed) inner container sets. The huge “basins” were not normal washbasins for giants at all. They were public bathing *tubs* for normal-size people or groups of people (such as an important person and several ‘bather’ servants).

    I mean really. Let’s don’t look for the simplest explanation or the correct one. Let’s get out there and scream “CONSPIRACY!” to the world, and then use selected images taken out of any real context to try and support that extreme view. Nuts.

    Some giants did exist, it is true. They existed in about the same quantity proportions as do giants in today’s population. In another thread started by this same guy, someone noted that there is a medical condition that leads to giantism, just as there is one that leads to diminutive stature. So, what is the big deal about that? It happens. And if a male and female who suffer the same condition meet and breed, guess what? Their kids stand a very good chance of inheriting the condition from their parents. Enter the Ibo and the Watusi. Or the Bantu pigmies. Rather than being “proof” of a lie about genetic evolution, this proves the concept.

    Even more so, the people (like the Ibo and the Watusi) who are extra tall (> 2 m or 6′ 7″) would have been seen as true giants 2, 3, or 4,000 years ago when the *average* person was about 1.4 meters (4’9″, female) or 1.52 meters (5′, male). But 3 meters? There may have been occasional such individuals, who may have appeared in repeated stories and accounts in many different tellings, but such a person would be extremely rare, just as today.

    In modern times, Robert Wadlow, the so-called “Alton [Illinois, USA] Giant” generally is acknowledged to have been the tallest person of verifiable height, at death measuring 2.72 meters (8′ 11.5″) in height. He suffered from acromegaly, which is a disease (growth hormone hyperplasia) in which an abnormality in the pituitary gland leads to an over-secretion by the pituitary gland. He continued to grow his entire life, which ended at age 22.

    There is a photograph of him next to his father, taken in Alton Illinois USA in 1939. This photo was taken by my father, Edward Hornlé Wood Fairbairn for use by the *Cairo Evening Citizen* newspaper, for which Dad was the advertising manager at the time.

    By the way, Robert weighed 220 kg (490 lbs) at his death, and in common with almost all other extremely tall persons, Robert had to have assistance to keep him from collapsing when he stood. He had to wear special leg braces, and in fact an injury from one of those caused his death, from sepsis. Others have used canes, crutches, and other supports to prevent collapse. The tallest woman, Zeng Jinlian, had a severely-deformed spine as a result of her extreme height, and could not stand upright. She died at age 17. Leg, hip, and spinal issues abound in the records of modern giants.

    Why do I mention these? Because it seems that the Human skeleton does not tolerate extreme height well. If these persons had such difficulties, imagine the issues a person twice that height would have.

    Finally, there is this issue of proof. Over and over, we are told or shown images that purport to be of gigantic skeletons that are being carefully unearthed, usually by some form of organized effort. Well, I am here to tell you that archeology, especially regarding human remains, is not cheap. I know, because I have both monitored the lengthy activities of such efforts and participated in such endeavors. That is true particularly when you consider the delicate task of removing entire skeletons. Such forays cost huge amounts of money, particularly to secure the required permits, research the appropriate disposal, and so forth.

    Yet we are supposed to believe that every such expedition’s results somehow have disappeared mysteriously, poof, and that absolutely none are available for examination or proper scientific documentation. Conveniently (for the conspiracy theorist) only these ‘photographs’ survive. Bull. I’m sorry, I’m not buying that line.

    • Your opinion, Soon the truth of Giants will appear in egypt….90% of ancient egyptian kings were giant people, Inside the great pyramids ” Giant human mummies lying in rooms”. Your Hypocrite westerners are hiding the giants truth for sake of dinosaurs and evolution, Ancient Giant Humans destroy the western sciences…..Soon the world will know the truth of those we call scientists, When America fail….A great honest power will rise to remove the fantasy of west that been put on sciences,

      • Enough with the fvckin “westerners are hiding this crap and that sht so that modern science will be saved”. Don’t get me wrong man. I do believe giants are real. But considering the stuffs u showed us, credibility should really be ask. And i dont think the western science community hides the fact due to the risk of modern sciences corrected. Because that reason is so shallow. I think the reason is..that if the truth is out people will converge with every assumption the got. Making their own theories and belief. Overthinking of over rated ideas that will cause mass hysteria. That’s not good.

    • I forget: You should know Robbers of graves assured that they have seen many giant skeletons and their wonder ” we didn’t know that pharaohs were by this big size”

  14. This Blog explains so many questions that have gone unanswered for so long! Many many thanks for posting this! For example; the pyramids, lets face it, it was not possible for people our build to lift those gigantic stones up to build those pyramids………. They did not have Cranes back then!

    Very very interesting!

  15. I am a researcher myself, and I agree with MuhammadAbdo. Studied the missing link in school and it was a farce. Educated friends from all over the world, speak to me as if it is obvious the giants existed, and it was part of there primary education. They were surprised that I had not been taught this. Point of view is everything. When westerners first arrived in that area they made many mistakes. They saw people praying over their food and called it praying to the dead (carcass). They saw other honoring their ancestors, and interpreted it as worshipping the dead. When you want to see truth, it is revealed. When you want to understand, it is so.

  16. Many thanks Muhammadabdo sir. Very interesting at the same time very very useful historical information for us. Keep on post the more hidden historical information and truths. In our Indian epic stories also having the giant peoples story….like Hanuman (Lord of strength). Now i believe the characters. -Sundar Rajan K.

  17. yess…. our ancestor were giants….Adam. as were 60 hasta ( 27.5 meters ) tall
    as far as know, all those giant size going smaller generation per generation, also the age….going shorter step by step
    LOL…i can not imagine, if i wish our size now a days still like our ancestor with over 6 billions in population….. this world will not enought for us…..
    Allahu Akbar……

    • that is so funny ric25 at the same time, so true. lol, God is so wise indeed. maybe I belong to a much modern age than this time. im such a small girl. lol. this article is really great i enjoyed it so much. thanks muhammad abdo.

  18. I like your research
    there is no doubt that giant were

    The Holy Qur’an says that the were

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